My Journey into MyoFunctional Therapy

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Congratulations on taking the initiative to better overall health!

Over the course of my career as a registered dental hygienist, I have encountered many patients that have oral dysfunctions. Many of these disorders have become normalized. I was recognizing and noting these dysfunctions but not actually addressing them with the patient. This became routine until these symptoms presented in my own daughter.

Grinding, snoring, mouth breathing, fatigue, dark eye circles, vaulted palate, crowded teeth, large tonsils, tongue tie…she had it all. There began my passion for airway and the growth and development associated.


I found myself, a liaison collaborating with other airway focused providers, for the sake of my daughter’s health.


Over the next several years, I’ve had the joy of treating infants, children and adults with compromised airway issues and underdeveloped facial growth and development.


My goal is to spread the awareness of optimal breathing, development and sleep through myofunctional therapy.